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Monday, January 25, 2021

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Brawley Courtroom EastBrawley Courtroom WestEl Centro Dept. 1El Centro Dept. 3El Centro Dept. 4El Centro Dept. 5El Centro Dept. 6El Centro Dept. 7El Centro Dept. 8El Centro Dept. 9
Hon. William QuanHon. Christopher PlourdHon. Poli FloresHon. L. AnderholtHon. Eran BermudezHon. Juan UlloaHon. Michael DomenzainHon. Jeffrey JonesHon. Monica Lepe-NegreteHon. L. Anderholt
MisdemeanorConfidentialCriminalConfidentialGeneralGeneralSmall ClaimsConfidentialCriminalConfidential
 Misdemeanor••••Hon. William LehmanDept. 4 GuidelinesPitchess Motions••••Misdemeanor••••General
 •••• Confidential   •••• Misdemeanor
   ••••     ••••

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Local Rule 2.21 Applicability of Court Rules to Streaming Access
All means of remote access, including but not limited to audio and audiovisual streams, are considered an extension of the court. All state and local rules regarding filming, photography, and recording apply to such means as they would inside a court facility, including any penalties for violation of those rules.
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